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Emily is a Midwestern gal who has performed her various talents on stages all across the United States. She acts on film, she acts on stage, she write poems, she writes songs, she sings, and plays a bunch of cool instruments. Emily has done a lot of pretty cool things like directed, co-wrote, and performed a US tour with the United Nations, performed at The White House, was a featured artist on a German news network, won American Musician of the Year 2012 from a indie radio station in Toronto, Canada, and she even made Jane Fonda cry when she performed a heartwrenching piece at the 2011 TEDxWomen conference.

Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Emily is makin moves to make an impact on society through art. Learn about how Emily has become the Emily that she is here, read what Emily is currently up to below, check out what she’s done in the Archive, look at some awesome pictures of her and listen to interviews in the Media section, and get to know all the deets on her Acting and Music.


  • Emily has started to tumblr! Check out her blog where she’ll share videos, articles she’s reading, photos, and song lyrics!
  • The open mic that Emily was hosting, Morgan Town Mic in Bushwick, has been forever canceled due to the bar closing.
  • Check out a raw demo of Emily’s track I Know on Soundcloud
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July 28th – 7 PM – The Studio Theater at Cherry Lane - Manhattan – $10 Suggested Donation
38 Commerce Street at Bedford Street
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The Junior Board Committee at Cherry Lane has curated a collection of theatre groups and individual performers that will each create a piece for Cherry POP: Fluid Edition. Each performance will be freshly written riffing on the word “FLUID”. Emily will be one of the featured performers of the evening!