“Emily’s a talented singer-songwriter and very dedicated to her craft.”
     – Phil Carroll, Producer, Executive Director, Recording Artists Development, Inc.

“…uber talented…Her vocals were so strong, they were ridiculous.”
       – Barbara Pavone, Writer,

“An amazing voice, versatility and range. She is quick to understand and internalize character and motivation and made the recording session worthwhile. She is determined and a hard worker, and will strive for perfection every time. I highly recommend Emily, she will succeed in everything she attempts, not because she cannot fail, but because she will work at it until she does.”
       – Roman Baca, Artistic Director, Exit 12 Dance Company

“Very talented woman and great to work with.”
       – Camille Theobald, Actor, Writer, Comedian

“Emily is a genuine, outgoing, and easy to work with actress. She takes her work very seriously and shares her heart with her audiences in all the work she does. Whether performing personal songs or taking part in a show, Emily is a pleasure to watch and work with.”
       – Melissa Ximena, Actor, Marketing and Public Relations Director of The Amoralists

October 22, 2013 – Mention on – “Her vocals were so strong, they were ridiculous.”

October 17, 2013 – Interview with 

October 15, 2013 – In studio interview with Radio Nation

January 25, 2013Video Chat Karaoke with

April 2, 2012Interview with Differences Magazine “She spoke and sang from her heart and everyone in the audience believed in her words and emotions. She was captivating.”

February 10, 2012Interview with Girl, Empowered

December 21, 2011 – Mention on Ms. Magazine

October 22, 2011 – Interview with Resonate.TV “Pop artist with an indie vibe”

September 30, 2011Winner of 2011 Recording Artists Development’s Singer/Songwriter Competition

September 22, 2011Mention on Scholastic for her performance in “10 Years Later: Voices of a Post 9/11 Generation Speak”

September 11, 2011 – Featured on German national news network ARD for a human interest story on youth living in a post 9/11 generation, promotion for “10 Years Later: Voices of a Post 9/11 Generation Speak”

August 20, 2011 – Mention on Pataphysicalsciece “Kudos to Emily Rupp, who juggles guitar, ukulele, flute, and vocals.”

August 13, 20115 Reasons to see “Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story” Emily Rupp from Project Girl Performance Collective is a stand out. Her short vocal performance is hauntingly beautiful.”

August 9, 2011PBS Newshour with Girl Up & Project Girl Performance Collective

April 15, 2011 – Interview with Underground Artists Live

August 15, 2010Mention on in Project Girl Performance Collectives production of “Survival of the Fittest” – Emily Rupp‘s “Beds” is disturbing and heartbreaking, but I felt so proud the girls in the stories (played by Emily Rupp, Camille Theobald, and Katherine Scott)”

March 23, 2010People Who Want Change featured Interview “a talented young singer, writer, actor and songwriter.”